September 9, 2013

Debating the Future of Nuclear Weapons

My essay on American nuclear weapons policy was posted last week on Capital Commentary, a current affairs publication by the Center for Public Justice. CPJ is a think tank in Washington that focuses on public policy through the lens of a Christian faith perspective.

The essay argues for reductions in our nuclear weapons arsenal on the basis of two things. First, it is hypocritical to be opposing other forms of WMDs in places like Syria while we maintain large stockpiles of even deadlier weapons. Second, the use of nuclear weapons can not be justified under Just War, one of the three main Christianity-inspired approaches to the problem of warfare.

Not everyone agrees, and there are certainly intelligent points that can be made in opposition. However, mainstream arguments in support of large nuclear weapons stockpiles tend not to emphasize the moral and ecological dimensions, in my opinion. This is one of those issues where reasonable people can come to distinct conclusions.

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